Aha Moments is a mobile App that lets you capture your ideas easily and quickly anytime and anywhere. It also helps you organize your thoughts and make your ideas go further.

This is my final project for the Designing Meaningful Interactions course at ITP. In this project, I followed the user experience design principles and went through the UX design process to make a user-friendly experience.




User Journey Map

Flow Chart



User Testing


Feb 2018 (4 weeks)




After Effects

Those "Aha" Moments

The Aha moment is a moment of sudden inspiration, insight, or recognition. It usually pops up and goes away quickly in our mind. For most designers, artists, writers, bloggers, and YouTubers, finding inspiration, collecting ideas, and recording them somewhere are their daily tasks. Taking a look at some of their inspiration notebooks, we can see that they usually make a vision board, a brainstorm map, or a mind map to write and organize ideas, not a list. But most of the note taking Apps available now organize notes in a list. In addition, it is inconvenient to add images, web pages, or other files to the notes by using these Apps.

Inspiration Notebooks

Note Taking Apps


To design a quick and easy way for creative people to capture ideas.


To design a personalized way to organize ideas.


To design a convenient way to update and edit ideas.

By talking to people who share the pain points in using note taking Apps, I was able to define a detailed persona. The persona looked something like this:

User Experience

In order to explore the current user experience in capturing, organizing and reviewing ideas, I made the following customer journey map.

What's beneficial:  

  • To determine MVP of the product. (what are the core set of features?)

  • To see hidden opportunities and user pain points.


After finding hidden opportunities and user pain points, I was able to move into creating flowcharts and wireframes for the app. I took the decision to focus more on the functionality and structure of the app, opting for low-fidelity wireframes with very little detail.

The Wireframes For User Testing

In order to get insights that enable me to improve the design of wireframes, I did one on one testing with five users.

User Testing Feedbacks

I have trouble to find where I can add and write a new idea when I'm on the reviewing previous ideas page.
I get confused when I try to use the mindmap page and the tree diagram page.
I don't understand the function of some icons.

Wireframes Redesign

A quick way to start.

Once logged in, the next time you open the app, you will go directly to the writing page. The four icons at the bottom of the screen provide you with different ways to capture your ideas. You can also import other files like pdf, videos, and web links by using the plus icon.


Once you start editing, the app will automatically save the contents every 30 seconds with clear visual prompts. So no longer need to worry about losing your notes by accident.

Organizing ideas.

Besides categories and tags, you can organize your ideas by using the cork board on the right. Easily drag and drop your ideas onto a cork board. Arrange your ideas in the way you want, for example, making a mind map, a brainstorm map, or a tree diagram. The cork board also can help you make your ideas go further.

Quick search.

To find an idea? Search by keyword or tag. Once you click the search bar, all the tags you have will be listed below. Quickly click one to find the idea you want.

Thank You!

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