April 23, 2018

Web Page


For my final project, I want to make a web page about cherry blossom related data in Japan. I would like to use different tools I learnt in this semester to do data visualization in order to compare their strengths and weaknesses.


The data I used in this web page are:

  • Cherry blossom blooming forecast (date o...

April 6, 2018


1. Video Scripts

2. Microsoft HoloLens

3. iPhone Prototype 1: choose photos


4. Next Steps

  • Webpage Prototype.

  • Video.


1. iPhone Photo Data

Google Sheets Link

Data of 143 photos I took from March 03 to April 06.

2. Technical Support Research

e.g. Microsoft HoloLens


March 26, 2018

Idea: Tell My Story With Photos

Presentation Slides URL

In the previous six weeks, I used different tools to track myself.  I got a bunch of data such as my daily sleep hours, walking distance, calorie for each meal, time spent on iPhone and etc. What's interesting is that all these are numbers. By making charts and diagrams, I can hav...

March 24, 2018

This week we went through the basics of web map and the history of mapping. After reading "Experimental Geography: From Cultural Production to the Production of Space" by Trevor Paglen, I came up with the idea that building a time-based digital map, which can show the recent photos I took with iPhone.


March 19, 2018

ABOUT: Develop a method to hack one (or more) of your tracking apps. Software or hardware solutions or a combo of both are welcome. Document your process. Write a short reflection about your hack - how did you do it? What information is gained or lost? What are the implications of hacking your data in the way that you did?



March 3, 2018

Try different motivational Apps

I found out that those APPs which are social based interventions have less effect on me. I think it is because I don't care much about how people judge me. And I'm not often influenced by the people around me. Instead, I care more about my true feelings, such as, do I have any progress today? Do I have...

February 26, 2018

Insights from my personal data tracking

I built a food service based on my self-tracking of what I eat during a day, and how much time I spend on the whole process of eating, including the time I go grocery shopping, on the way to the restaurant, waiting for food, etc.

From my self-tracking, I found out six pain points as following.

I d...

February 21, 2018


For the final project, I decide to choose the first idea, "Aha Moments".

Description: Design a quick and easy way for creative people to capture, review and organize ideas. The target users include designers, bloggers, YouTubers, writers, etc.



Since some classmates mentioned Google Keep in last class, I did some res...

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