These are design programs I received from different clients during my study in the university. Although I was an undergraduate student at that time, they appreciated my ability and gave full trust in me. In each project, I contacted with the client regularly, discussed about the design plan, and optimized the outcome according to the client's require. I’m proud that they felt satisfied with my work. And thank you all the clients, these great experiences made me love design more.


2012 - Now


Seeing my work gets published and affecting many people is a great joy.

Business Card Redesign

The client of this project is the manager of a middleman company which offers communication channels and business changes between merchants and consumers. He entrusted me to redesign the business card for their three marketing promotion managers. The old business cards they used is shown on the left, which have poor visual design and information communication. As their corporate culture and company philosophy is profession and good reputation, I used grey and yellow as the theme color, which can impress their authority. I also redesign the layout of the characters in priority order. My design is shown on the right.

The Old Version

My Design

Package Design For Chinese Medicine

The client of this project is the China Wudalianchi Scenic Area, which is a famous scenic spot in China. Since this area is famous for Chinese medicine, they entrusted me to design the package for its medicine, which would be a gift box for guests and tourists.

Wudalianchi scenic area is famous for volcano geology, natural cold mineral and volcano ecology. Therefore, I use the patterns of volcanic and water drop. The colors are extracted from volcanic soil and hot springs lake. The package is made from waste cardboard, so it is totally environmental-friendly and recyclable.

Logo Design For Alumni Association Party

The client one of the Alumnus of my university. He entrusted me to design the Logo for their Alumni Association Party. They would like the Logo be a cartoon style. The following is some products they made with my work. It is a great pleasure to see they like the Logo.

Embroidery Of The Logo
Embroidery Of The Logo

Embroidery Of The Logo
Embroidery Of The Logo

Alumnus are decorating the party.
Alumnus are decorating the party.

Embroidery Of The Logo
Embroidery Of The Logo


New Year Postcard Design

This is the New Year Postcard for 2015. According to the Chinese zodiac, 2015 is the year for Goat. And there is a Chinese idiom saying “Auspicious beginning” (“三羊开泰”), three goats bring a good beginning, therefor I drew three lovely goats and a girl as a personified goat to send good wish to others.

​Front Side

Back Side

Thank You!

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